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I wrote this last night and wasn't sure if I was going to post it, but it's my damn blog and I'll post what I want.

And it's relevant. Choosing to be a rapist or another type of criminal, over choosing to be a heroic, amazing, inspiring human being is just that - a CHOICE.

Choosing to be a Hero, or a Disgrace.
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Hey everyone who still reads!

I am raising funds to go to a seminar in September for an all-women's Ninjutsu seminar. I've been pretty stoked about this for the last two years.
Of course it doesn't help that I quit my job last month, but I assure you I am working my ass off to make a living for myself. Of course this does not lend itself well to going to seminars, which I have NEVER done, and I'd prefer to not go further in to debt if I can help it.

There are rewards for certain levels of donation as I can't possibly feel good just asking for handouts and giving nothing back. The rewards include health consults and custom, personalized artwork!

Please check it out :)

Help me kick some major ass so I can help other girls kick ass in the future! (that's the point, you know - I want to teach, eventually, and of course be able to defend myself as well! The higher purpose is to become really good so I can teach).

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New post up on Passion School - yassss, I am back in action.

What's the Alternative?
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This guy is my hero. This is a REALLY good short documentary about him. Please watch. He will amaze you with his selfless acts. The only cruelty shown is 10 seconds and they warn you, so you can skip it if you want. I watched it. It was hard, but I've seen much worse footage. I think it's important to see. Again, please watch. Everyone needs to know this.

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Finally made a new post - first since March!?!?!? Crazy


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