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It is more important than ever that we do it NOW, because some lunatic could just kill us at any time – a person who chose the wrong fork in the road – someone who never really got to be who they were truly destined to be – that denial of their possible greatness led them to nefarious choices. They could shoot us in the face while we sign autographs. Slaughter us while we dance at a nightclub. Murder us while we are in our car. Mow us down while we celebrate life with others. It’s impossible to know.

Unless you live through an ordeal where you almost lose your life, you may never stop taking life for granted.
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If we don’t have something to refer to, we just drift. The chances that we will make it to our intended destinations are almost non-existent.

So, let us question our every thought, every movement, every second, so we can reach those glittery dream realms that we imagined as children.

They do exist, but they’re impossible to locate unless we have the maps to get us there, and the beliefs that we can reach them.

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Morning Pages involve three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing every day when you wake up, before anything else, and you’re not allowed to stop, or edit, or really even think about what you’re writing. You spill your guts. You literally write whatever comes to mind. You can write “blah blah blah” until something else starts to form. It’s a release – you just open up and let it all fall on to paper.

They got me to start creating again. They lit a fire within me. They got me to quit my stupid job. They led me to see what was absolutely stupid in my life and what I needed to change.

They can do the same for you.

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"Every morsel tastes like orgasms
Every touch feels like the universe is coursing through my blood
Every movement feels like I’m a warrior
Every breath feels like fresh forest streams

Sex feels like I’m in another dimension
Love feels like that only thing that exists
Nature feels like the only real home
Sleep feels like a teacher
Waking feels like rebirth
So it can all begin again
Where life can seep through the pores
Into the viscous fluid of the veins"

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Without a cheat day, there will be BETTER results than expected. If there is competition involved, there will be a advantage. If there is health involved, vibrancy will expand even higher. If there is exercise involved, strength will be taken even further.

Results can only be bigger. Success can only be more imminent. Strength can only be greater. Life can only be better.

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Excerpt: You have desires – you must! You’re human. Being human without dreams and aspirations is like being a dragon without fire, or a shark with no fins – you just drift, gasping for breath, as you’re swept along in the tides of life, but you’re not swimming WITH them.
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Ahhh, I could not get my internet to work last night, living in the boonies is cool until the rain makes your satellite internet not work *eyeroll*

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When to Take Advice, and When Not To


Have you actually ever followed someone else’s map instead of just reading it?
Even better, have you ever created your OWN map, and followed that?  Or is it still just floating in your head, along with thought bubbles for “one day” and “maybe?”
Here’s some good advice: Write that shit DOWN. Follow the map. Discover buried treasure (your possible life).
Listen to the cues of the universe. Often, the answers you are seeking are colliding with you from all sides, but you are oblivious to them because you aren’t open to changing.
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Success means being VULNERABLE – much more so than failing.

Failing (and not continuing forward) is EASY to deal with. We can numb it out with food, TV, Facebook, weed, whatever our drug of choice is. We can give up and identify as victims. Poor us.

With success, we can’t do that. There are essential aspects that go with it that we cannot ignore. We can’t numb them, and that’s scary.

Identifying as a failure is simple, easy, and lazy. It requires no movement. It is a stagnant place to be. People wonder why they are depressed and anxious, but it’s because they aren’t in line with their heart’s desires, and it means they’re not taking any action (or they’ve tried and given up).

The fear of success holds us back. It makes us responsible for our own happiness, it means we are not able to identify as victims anymore. Our identities are shattered. We have to start again.

But isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t starting over a gift? You can unearth that version of you that’s been buried for so long underneath the crap and angst.
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Hey check it out! I have been thinking of contributing to this website FOREVER and just kept coming up with excuses not to. And I was planning to. And then the freaking FOUNDER invited me to via IG. Wow!

Anyway here it is :)

The #1 Secret to Huge Accomplishments.
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I wrote this last night and wasn't sure if I was going to post it, but it's my damn blog and I'll post what I want.

And it's relevant. Choosing to be a rapist or another type of criminal, over choosing to be a heroic, amazing, inspiring human being is just that - a CHOICE.

Choosing to be a Hero, or a Disgrace.


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